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Welcome to Chaudandigadhi Municipality...

Chaudandigadhi is a municipality out of four municipalities of Udayapur District of Province No. 1 in Nepal. It was formed by merging some village development committee (VDC) with Beltar Basaha Municipality. The VDCs merged with it are: Chaudandi, Siddhipur, Hadiya and Sundarpur. The total area of the new formed municipality is 283,78 km².

The total population of the municipality is 57,360. The municipality was formed on 10 March 2017. It is surrounded by Belka Municipality in east, Triyuga in west, Khotang and Bhojpur in north and Sunsari District in south. It contains 10 wards.

Mayor of the municipality is Khagendra Rai and Rita Kumari Chaudhari is Deputy Mayor.

This Municipality was established merging two Village Development Committee i.e. Beltar and Basaha since 18 May 2014.

In March 2017 Some more Village Development Committee added to the Municipality I.e. Chaudandi, Siddhipur, Hadiya and Sundarpur and the municipality renamed Chaudandigadhi on the name of Chaudandi VDC.

Total no. of wards: 10

Total Population: 57,360

Total Area: 283.78 km2